Paradiso Ebony Light

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  • Quartz Movement
  • Red Sandalwood & Ebony and Zinc Alloy
  • 3ATM Water-Resistant
  • Long-Lasting Build

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Classy. Minimalist. Stylish. Simplicity isn’t just a design – it’s a way of life. It’s an attitude. A feeling. Welcome to the future. Forget disposable digital watches and clunky, overcrowded watches. This accessory is beautifully handcrafted. Allow simplicity and peace of mind into your life and onto your wrist.

This refined design elegantly combines bold color with delicate glitz with rugged, durable wood. A stylish oxymoron. Like a deafening silence. A bittersweet memory. Sweet sorrow. This accessory perfectly encapsulates your complexity and uniqueness. A flawless combination of nature and art, modern and timeless.

Created using the highest quality and all-natural materials. The stunning face is expertly contrasted with red sandalwood and ebony for a magnetic and eye-catching accent to any outfit. Roman numerals harmonize with the minimalist feel and give a fresh spin on a classic design. The alloy case is super tough and wear-resistant. It’s an unexpected twist on a classic watch.

Artfully designed to magnetize all eyes to you.

Pair with a clean, well-tailored suit to make your mark in the boardroom, or with your best walking boots for a challenging trek.

Weight 113 g
Dimensions 190 × 22,8 mm
Case thickness

11.6 mm


43 mm


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