Maddalena Walnut Wood Black

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  • Japanese Quartz Movement by MIYOTA
  • Walnut wood and Stainless steel
  • Long-Lasting Build

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Mixing the expected can lead to good results. Combining the unexpected can lead to extraordinary results. Laughing so hard, you cry. Breakfast for dinner. Dancing in the rain. Knowing that an experience must come to an end, so you enjoy it more.

That is what we have encapsulated in this unique watch. Modern with classic. Minimalist with bold. Walnut wood with alloy.

If you want to make a showy statement, this watch isn’t for you. BUT if you want to magnetize all eyes on you, without anyone even realizing what is so irresistible… then this watch is for you. Intriguing. A conversation starter. A question without an obvious answer.

This combination of the futuristic black alloy watch face with the rustic, all-natural walnut wood band is the perfect accompaniment to the snapshots in life you want to make the most of. The quiet confidence needed in the workplace. The grit and determination needed to push yourself further on a trek in nature. Wherever you go, whatever you do – choose style.

Weight 42 g
Dimensions 240 × 20 mm
Case Thickness





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