Wooden watches have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years because they’re stylish and an eco-friendlier choice than traditional metal or silicone watches. Wooden watches look great and it feels good to know you’re reducing your impact on the planet.

But some people have their concerns – are watches durable? Are they expensive? Are they actually made of real wood? Let’s take a look.

Will Wooden Watches Irritate My Skin?

Wooden watches are actually GREAT for sensitive skin. If you have fragile skin or you’re allergic to certain metals, leather, silicone, or wool, then wooden watches are a great option as they’re known to be naturally hypoallergenic.

It’s also safer if you’re in a hot environment. A metal watch will conduct heat and become blisteringly hot quite quickly, potentially damaging the watch. A wooden watch can’t conduct heat and can withstand higher temperatures much better. Win-win!

Are Wooden Watches Heavy?

No – they’re actually surprisingly light! That’s why some people choose them over metal bands that can be heavy, clunky, and annoyingly loud. Almost like a handcuff. Wooden watches also tend to pinch the skinless and be far less irritating.

Are Wooden Watches Expensive?

The price varies but typically you can expect to spend less on a wooden watch than a typical €1,000+ metal watch. This is because wood is a resource that is so widely and easily available! But a lower price doesn’t mean compromising on style. Wooden watches are the perfect all-in-one accessory that looks great in the office, on a high-end night out, on an adventure in the wild, or at home with the family. Whether you’re casual, formal, or corporate, a wooden watch is the ideal choice.

Are Wood Watches Made of Real Wood?

Your wooden watch SHOULD be made of real wood. Make sure you buy from a reputable brand like ours, Treelanks, to ensure you’re getting a real wood watch and not a faux wood that isn’t as great quality or as long-lasting.

Are Wooden Watches Eco-Friendly?

Yes! We actually wrote a blog about this which you can check out here. As a quick summary, wood is a renewable resource that is very widely available – much more so than metal or silicone, and of course is very much vegan and animal-friendly, unlike leather.

Are Wood Watches Durable?

Of course, wood watches aren’t as durable as metal watches – but is that a bad thing?

Wood watches, if properly maintained, can last over ten years – which is about the same as silicone products which tend to have a shelf life of around 10 years but (and this is a BIG but) silicone is not biodegradable and can take up to 500 years – yes, you read that right – to break down.

Convinced yet?

If you love the sound of wooden watches, and you’re ready to make the eco-conscious choice and switch – take a look at the range we have to offer. From rustic to rugged to ultra-modern, there’s something for everyone at Treelanks. Make the fashion-forward, Earth-friendly choice today!

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