About us

At Treelanks we create our beautiful wooden watches with the planet – and the people who stand for it – in mind.

Our hand-assembled timepieces are a unique conversation piece that allow you to showcase your values, proudly created using sustainable resources and ethical standards.

We empower people to feel stylish, strong and successful. We care about people and the planet so we focus on the value we bring to our customers. We’re elevated, sophisticated and inspiring. We want to help you to go further, be better, and dream bigger. Our goal is to invoke a sense of adventure and a swell of inspiration.

We offer a range of stunning styles for men and women alike, so you can confidently wear your Treelanks watch with pride every day as you strive for positive change in our global society, tackle the business world head-on – and make your mark on both.

Purchasing a Treelanks watch means investing in yourself. Slipping a Treelanks watch onto your wrist means believing in yourself. Wearing a Treelanks watch means all eyes are on YOU. Take the road less travelled and love your journey. Whatever you choose to do with this one precious life you have, make every moment count with Treelanks. Inspired by nature – created for you.

Our values

We care

We are not just another accessories brand. We want to make a difference to the planet and to our customers.

Timeless fashion

Fashion is all about showcasing your personality, and with a wood watch from Treelanks, you can do just that. Set yourself apart from the crowd and proudly display your environmentally-conscious side - without sacrificing your style or values.


This is not your run-of-the-mill watch. This watch looks different AND makes a difference.